Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bif Bang Pow! brings The Twilight Zone to SDCC!

The title says it all.  Have a look... see anything new?

That's right, the Doctor Bernardi (from season two's "Eye of the Beholder") bobblehead is glimpsed here for the first time.  Predictably, it looks great.  Nearby is the "Invaders" diorama, plus a nifty TZ license plate bracket (which I just might put on my car).

Also seen for the first time here (but previously announced) is the Cyclops action figure (from season five's "The Fear"), standing between the "Eye of the Beholder" Nurse and Alicia (from "The Lonely").  I bitched at length about this figure a few months back, but I can't deny that the figure actually looks kinda cool.

And here's a nice display featuring the color and monochrome versions of the highly-coveted Mystic Seer replica.  It's probably a good thing that I'm not there... I might've busted the glass and snagged one.

*Pictures stolen without remorse from Action Figure Insider.

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