Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Mystical.... It's Magical... It's Completely Out Of My Price Range....

We've already previewed the soon-to-be-released Mystic Seer Replica here (and which you can pre-order here). I've known about this particular item for quite a while now. What I didn't know (until today) was that those crafty rascals at Bif Bang Pow! are unleashing a variant version, which is ultra-cool....and ultra expensive....

Mystic Seer Replica - Signature Edition
$499.99, pre-order here

It's black and white. It appears to have a nifty spring neckpost, further differentiating it from its full-color cousin. But what makes this item truly desirable is the fact that William Shatner himself has signed it. In fact, he signed 150 of them. He introduced the item at the San Diego Comic Con last month. Here's the writeup from Entertainment Earth:

"Personally introduced at SDCC 2011 by William Shatner, this incredible, super-deluxe reproduction is an authentic, functioning replica of the Mystic Seer featured in the well-known The Twilight Zone episode #43, "Nick of Time," that starred the legendary actor. This exclusive black-and-white Signature Edition version is limited to just 150 numbered pieces and is signed by William Shatner! Complete with napkin holder and menu holder-- just like in the show-- it features a working coin mechanism and can act as a bank. It even dispenses "fortunes"! Meticulously crafted of polystone and steel, the life-size Signature Edition Mystic Seer Replica is a black-and-white replication that measures about 13 1/2-inches tall x 7 1/2-inches wide x 6-inches long and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Can't you just see this in your living room or office?"

Well... yes, yes I can. However.... well, it costs FIVE HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS. A staggering price tag. I've owned cars that cost less.

I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I will never, EVER own this. Even if I had five hundred bucks just laying around, I can't possibly justify spending it on this. I have too many real-world financial obligations. We just bought a new car two days ago. The regular color version costs half as much, and scoring that one was gonna be tough... but this? It's impossible. Kudos to Bif Bang Pow! for making such an awesome collectible, but....

...but nothin'. I'm gonna just pretend it doesn't exist. Damn it.

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Tanya said...

I wonder if it's refreshing for him to do something not Star Trek related. Or not Nightmare at 20,000 Feet related.

Memorabilia that I can't have makes me sad too.