Monday, October 26, 2015

January 2016

We're a bit behind schedule, but.... it's coming, folks.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Statistics Zone

So you read blogs (since you're reading this one, I can only assume you read others as well). Well, d'ya ever wonder which specific blog entries are the most popular, i.e. the most frequently viewed? I sure do.... but since I'm clearly an internet amateur, I had no idea I could actually track this.

There are multiple different time periods available to me, but I chose two to share: this week (top) and all-time (bottom). Check 'em out: 

It gratifies me to no end that my spotlight on Maya the Cat Girl is far and away the most viewed entry in the 5+ years this blog has existed (clearly I'm not the only one perpetually under her feline spell). And since we're less than a week away from Halloween, it makes perfect sense that the most viewed entry over the past week is my Doctor Bernardi costume pictorial (it's the third most viewed entry of all time, too).

One more: here are the blog's all-time page views:

Heh, I remember being excited when we hit 1,000 page views. It blows my mind (and chokes me up a bit) that people are still reading this blog....

Saturday, June 13, 2015

What's in a name?

First off, My Life in the Shadow of The Twilight Zone: The Podcast is a really long and cumbersome name. My pal David J. Schow (author of The Outer Limits Companion, The Outer Limits at 50, The Crow screenplay, etc.) suggested I simply smoosh it down to The Twilight Zone Shadowcast, which I loved.... until I discovered that "Shadowcast" is already taken by not one podcast but two.
So I racked my brain for a new name. In a semi-drunken state I came up with The Twilight Zone RODcast or POD Serling. Then I sobered up and settled on two serious candidates: The Real and the Shadow and Between Light and Shadow. I polled a select few, and the latter won out. It was actually Fred from The Twilight Pwn podcast who summed it up best: 
I feel like "Between Light and Shadow" is definitely the better name. Just strikes me as more evocative. Also, having to use the definite article for the word "Shadow" strikes me as slightly confusing, like, is it a podcast about the radio drama "The Shadow"?
Between Light and Shadow: A Twilight Zone Podcast. Coming soon.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Final Tally....

The Kickstarter campaign is over. Here's the final tally:

I'm really excited. I'll be back with more in a few days....

The Finish Line.... fast approaching. Here's where we are right now:

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Guys and Dolls (and everything in between):

I woke up this morning to find this in my email:

That's right, kids, the podcast WILL happen! (cue applause and wild, raucous cheering)

To those of you who pledged: this obviously couldn't have happened without you, and I am eternally grateful. Your donations constitute a faith in me to produce something worthwhile, a faith that I will try very hard to justify.

To those of you who didn't pledge: it's not quite over, so there's no reason why you still can't hop on board. Anything above the minimum goal will go toward hosting costs and, if there's a substantial enough overage, I'll be able to purchase additional equipment for mobile podcasting, which will allow me to work on the 'cast during my lunch hours at work, which will mean five extra hours a week I can devote to the project, which will mean MORE EPISODES (I'm tentatively shooting for a biweekly schedule, but I'd rather be able to release new episodes more frequently). So yeah, fence-straddlers--- if you've read and enjoyed my blog(s), and you're hungry for more content .... well, this is your chance to help augment my arsenal of tools and enhance my output, I mean, it's already gonna be pretty great... but I'd rather put something together that is truly amazing.

Not that the project as currently funded won't be. 'Cuz it will. Promise.

Stay tuned for updates. And again, thanks for making this dream a reality.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

David J. Schow's THE OUTER LIMITS AT 50 nominated for a Rondo Award!

Friend of this blog and Outer Limits scholar David J. Schow has been nominated for a coveted Rondo Award. Two, actually: one for his glorious Outer Limits at 50 book (which you can still get here), and one for his article in Screem Magazine, Issue #29, "Days of Future Past: Remembering The Outer Limits"(the very same issue in which Schow name-dropped this very blog, in the related article "The Outer Limits at 51"; as of this writing you can still get it here), and you should drop whatever you're doing and vote for him. In both categories, dammit.

The ballot is here. Do your civic duty, citizens!