Sunday, January 15, 2017

1x14 "Auld Lang Zone"

Joey Crown’s the name, swilling cheap whiskey and bugle-blowing’s the game. This week we immerse ourselves in the Twilight Zone classic “A Passage for Trumpet,” then revisit past episodes of the podcast to write a few wrongs Quantum Leap-style. Elsewhere, martial tensions run high at Casa de Craig, leading to a shocking (yet probably inevitable) conclusion.  

American Masters Presents Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval:

Opening music: “Neither Here nor There (2nd Revision)” by Twin Loops

“In Limbo” by Radiohead (from the album Kid A, copyright 2000 by Capitol/EMI Records)

“James Session” by Harry James (from the album Harry James in Hi-Fi, copyright 1955 by Capitol)

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra (from the album My Way, copyright 1969 by Reprise Records)

“Satanic Blues” by Max Kaminsky (from the album When the Saints Go Marching In/Jazz on Campus, copyright 2007 by Membran Entertainment Group)

“Stormy Weather“ by Billy Butterfield (from the album Pandora’s Box: 1946-1947, copyright 2000 by CEDAR)

“Shake Ya Ass” performed by Richard Cheese (from the album Tuxicity, copyright 2003 by Surfdog Records; originally performed by Mystikal)

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