Thursday, August 25, 2011

Season 5 Blu-ray Reviews are Starting to Appear...

... and the news ain't good for those of us who obsess over the music. The blu-ray set has 10 more isolated scores than the earlier Definitive Edition DVD, but all of them are stock scores. The five missing original scores remain... well, missing. They are:

"Black Leather Jackets" (Van Cleave)
"From Agnes, With Love" (Van Cleave)
"Queen of the Nile" (Lucien Morawack)
"Caesar and Me" (Richard Shores)
"Mr. Garrity and the Graves" (Tommy Morgan)

I'm particularly disappointed by the omission of the Van Cleave scores, especially the jazzy "Black Leather Jackets." There are a total of 36 episodes in season five, and 21 of them feature isolated music on the blu-ray. This leaves 15, including the five listed above, as MIA. This is dreadful, considering the fact that seasons 3 and 4 had isolated scores for EVERY episode (season 1 was only missing 2, while season 2 was missing 7*). I don't get it. If Image Entertainment accessed the original negatives (as they've widely boasted), then they should've been able to include isolated music for EVERY EPISODE.

Here's the High-Def Digest review.

Oh, and the wonderful American Masters documentary on Rod Serling seems to be absent.

On a positive note, it sounds like the image and sound quality are on par with the previous four sets. On a WTF note, the horrific Mickey Rooney commentary track is still present for "Last Night of a Jockey." Honestly, man, it's just surreal.

The set comes out next Tuesday (8/30). If I know Amazon, my copy will arrive that day and no earlier. I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures of all five sets, together at last, sometime thereafter.

*4 of the 7 episodes in question were videotaped, so these are understandable. I'm still not sure how they managed to feature isolated music scores for the other 2 videotaped episodes....

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Joel Benedict Henderson said...

Still not sure what's the deal with that. It sure isn't clearance issues I imagine.