Friday, July 27, 2012

Repeat Report – Summer 1962 (Part 2)

The second half of the summer 1962 reruns reached way back into the series’ first season with “People Are Alike All Over” on 7/27/62.  This would be the last time season one would rear its beautiful, brilliant head on prime time TV.  The rest of the repeats covered here came from season 2.  As always, click on the screenshots to see ‘em in full-sized high-definition.

Original air date:  3/25/1960

Nick of Time (rerun)
Original air date: 11/18/1960

The Silence (rerun)
Original air date: 4/28/1961

Original air date: 12/23/1960

A Hundred Yards Over the Rim (rerun)
Original air date: 4/07/1961

The Whole Truth (rerun)
Original air date: 1/20/1961

The Invaders (rerun)
Original air date: 1/27/1971

Why the hell was “The Night of the Meek” repeated in August?  They should’ve repeated it AT CHRISTMAS TIME, for God’s sake.  And why the hell was “The Whole Truth” repeated at all?  Ugh.

Season 3, all 37 episodes of it, was never seen again until the show reappeared in syndication.  Hard to believe in our modern world of internet streaming and blu-ray boxed sets, but if you missed an episode in 1962, you were essentially outta luck until several years later.  Imagine having your power go out two minutes into “To Serve Man” and having to endure your friends and coworkers raving about it the next day.  *Shudder*


The Madcap Laughts said...

Deberias Subir La Serie Para Descargarla.

Mat Black said...

Did you ever notice that whenever Roddy McDowell said "Marcusson" it sounded like "moccasin"? Susan Oliver was as hot...didja ever see the Andy Griffith ep. she was in? Andy should have screwed the hell out of her.

Craig Beam said...

I cannot deny the hotness of Susan Oliver, whether her skin is white or green.

Anonymous said...

Prepare yourself for incredible disappointment.