Sunday, July 3, 2011

Now in HD!

Okay, I'm back from my (admittedly short) sabbatical, and I've brought something back with me.

High definition. That's right, the big HD.

You scratch your heads, a bit perplexed. You scan for changes. The blog itself doesn't look any different (well, except for that spiffy new logo at the top). The text doesn't look any bolder or crisper. What exactly constitutes "HD" here?

It's all in the screen caps, baby. Up til now, they've come from Image Entertainment's Definitive Edition DVD sets from about five years back. They looked pretty decent. But now, since 4 out of the series' 5 seasons are now available on blu-ray, the time seemed right to upgrade.

Here's a pretty telling comparison from one of my favorites from season one, "The Lonely". Click on each to see 'em full size:

Alicia in standard definition.

Alicia in high definition. Look at that detail!

Some of you might be skeptical. Some of you have refused to upgrade your existing DVDs. Well, if you can look at the comparison above and still refuse, then you're just plain stubborn and frankly a bit crazy. You can play Captain Benteen and strand yourself on your standard definition asteroid, if that's your choice.

It occurred to me to go back and replace all my previous screen shots with higher resolution images. Ugh, that sounds like a ton of work. I can't see it happening. However, I might be able to post "special request" screen shots from seasons 1 and 2, if I'm asked nicely....

Oh look, we passed 25,000 hits while I was away.

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