Tuesday, July 5, 2011

News Flash: New TZ bobbleheads available NOW!

Two new Twilight Zone bobbleheads are available NOW from Bif Bang Pow!

First up, we've got the long-awaited companion piece to last year's wonderful Gremlin bobblehead (from season five's "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"). It's William Shatner himself, as the beleaguered Bob Wilson. This piece is especially cool because, when paired with The Gremlin, you've got an awesome set of bookends!

I've been using my Gremlin's limited-edition color brother as a placeholder until I get my Bob Wilson. Looks like my wait is almost over (I'm placing my order this week)...

Next up we've got the ventriloquist's-dummy-gets-revenge-by-pulling-the-ultimate-switcheroo act, immortalized in bobblehead form. From season three's "The Dummy," it's Willie and Jerry!

Each bobblehead is $12.99, and are available NOW. Click on the links, if you're so inclined. I certainly am.

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