Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool TZ Merchandise: Spoiler Alert T-Shirt!

Now here's something surprising: a Twilight Zone-themed shirt that doesn't simply riff on the opening titles or graphics. Instead, it reveals --- in a decidedly irreverent manner --- several of the show's surprise endings. I typically try to avoid spoilers in this blog, but I find this shirt too hilarious to ignore.

The picture isn't quite big enough to read clearly, so here's the rundown:

Row 1, left to right:

"He breaks his glasses." (Time Enough at Last)
"There really is something on the wing." (Nightmare at 20,000 Feet)
"There are two aliens, and he's one of the them." (Will the Real Martin Please Stand Up?)

Row 2, left to right:

"It's a cookbook." (To Serve Man)
"Everyone else is ugly." (Eye of the Beholder)
"The pocket watch breaks." (A Kind of a Stopwatch)

Row 3, left to right:

"The masks deform their faces." (The Masks)
"She's a mannequin, too." (The After Hours)
"They're astronauts from Earth." (The Invaders)

I also love the fact that "The Twilight Zone" doesn't actually appear anywhere on the shirt. If you're cool, you'll just know.

You can get yours here.


Bill Huelbig said...

This is the kind of shirt that makes people on the street stop and look.

On July 4th, I showed "The Eye of the Beholder" to my brother and his family. My niece Maura is 13. My sister-in-law gave away the ending to her, about five minutes in. I was horrified. Turns out Maura was too scared to watch it otherwise. So I guess it still has the power to rattle the kids of today, who think they've seen it all.

Craig Beam said...

I'd love to show it to my 10 year-old, but she refuses to watch anything in black and white. I've clearly failed as a parent.

Tanya said...

I must have it!

Anonymous said...

too bad the shirt only comes in hipster sizes. i guess you're abnormal or obese if you wear a large.....