Friday, April 30, 2010

TZ News Flash: Color Bobbleheads Available for Pre-Order!

So far my friends at Bif Bang Pow! have released three beautiful Twilight Zone bobbleheads, all three of which have been reviewed right here in this blog: The Invader, The Mystic Seer, and Talky Tina. All three were done in a tasteful black and white color scheme, which I find perfectly appropriate (and preferable). However, we live in a color world. We also live a world of rare variants of collectibles. To suit everyone, Bif Bang Pow! is releasing color versions of all three as San Diego Comic Con exclusives, available for pre-order over at Entertainment Earth.

$14.99, limited to 504 pieces. Pre-order limit: 2.

$14.99, limited to 1000 pieces. Pre-order limit: 2.

$19.99, limited to 504 pieces. Pre-order limit: 2. Yes, she costs more. She talks, for Rod's sake!

There's no way in hell I can make it to San Diego in July. We're also in the process of moving, and all of our money is tied up right now, so I won't be able to pre-order these right away. And damn, those are some seriously limited numbers. I may actually get left out in the cold on these.... not to mention any other SDCC exclusives that may not have been announced yet (do I have inside information? Yes. Am I at liberty to reveal anything? No.).

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