Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TZ Spotlight: The Invader bobblehead (Bif Bang Pow!)

After missing this the first time around (the initial run sold out quickly earlier this year), I ordered it (two, actually) as soon as it was restocked. It arrived, serendipitously enough, on my birthday last week. I should also note that, as of this writing, it's still available from Entertainment Earth (however, the Mystic Seer is already sold out AGAIN, and won't be available again until February 2010).

The Invader appeared in the Twilight Zone episode "The Invaders," which originally aired 1/27/1961 and starred Agnes Moorhead in a tour-de-force performance as an unnamed woman menaced by tiny aliens in puffy spacesuits.

The second of Bif Bang Pow!'s initial two Twilight Zone bobbleheads, The Invader stands 6.5" tall and is even heavier than the already-reviewed Mystic Seer by at least 50%. This guy could easily shatter a windshield or, if thrown properly, bring down a seagull.

It's done in a monochromatic paint scheme, which is infinitely preferable since it comes from a black and white TV show. It's molded in gray resin with black and white paint apps and, unlike the matte look of the Mystic Seer, a glossy sheen has been applied to mimic the silvery metallic look of the Invaders seen in the episode. It's a subtle but highly effective touch. The Twilight Zone logo, relegated to the back of the Mystic Seer, appears here at the front of the base, sculpted instead of simply painted:

The Invader holds not one but TWO laser pistol devices (which look like Christmas lightbulbs). They are a part of the sculpt and are not removable. One would have sufficed, especially since The Invader seen in the episode never holds more than one at a time. I can't help wishing they lit up, but at this price point, lights and/or sounds were probably cost-prohibitive (the next scheduled bobblehead is the Talky Tina doll from "Living Doll," and she'll come with a sound chip… and a $5.00 price hike).

The overall sculpt is quite good, and very screen accurate. The head itself doesn't bobble… the split appears at the piece's midsection, so the entire upper half bobbles instead of just the head. The bobbling motion is therefore not as fluid as that of traditional bobbleheads, but in this case it works, enhancing the clunkiness of the design. It was the right choice, especially since the helmet is so small (the only other option would have been an oversized bobbling antenna dish, which would have been admittedly hilarious). The bobble effect is achieved by a metal spring inside the unit.

The company logo appears on the bottom of the piece:

The packaging is classy and elegant, which makes a good argument for buying two (which I did):

The Invader represents another home run for Bif Bang ow! I actually prefer The Invader to the Mystic Seer, but both are stellar pieces.

Next up is Talky Tina, which looks to be every bit as cool as her older brothers. She was slated for release this month but has been apparently delayed until January:

The stairway base is hilariously macabre (a great little episode-specific in-joke). And check out the revised box!

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