Thursday, December 31, 2009

Numerology in The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is the FIFTH dimension. Yes, there really are five, just like those FIVE characters in search of an exit (I don't think they'll find it). But let's back up a bit and start with numero uno: Lew Bookman wanted to make ONE big pitch, a pitch for the angels (he succeeded, but not before he spent NINETY years without slumbering.). Across town, there was a nervous man who was staying in a FOUR dollar room, but let's not confuse him with Arch Hammer, who was FOUR different people (turns out all of them were dying). The time of death, incidentally, was around FOUR o'clock. The disposition of his spirit is unknown, but he may have ended up in the 7th Calvary, which is made up of phantoms. Or, in the alternative, he may have joined the crew of the King NINE, which we all know will not return. It can be stated with assurance, in any case, that his corpus spent some time in Room TWENTY-TWO, which always seems to have room for one more. The funeral could've used ONE more pallbearer, but it proceeded nevertheless. The body was dropped into a very deep grave (THIRTY fathoms, to be exact) from a very high place (20,000 feet; thanks to the crew of flight 33 for their services). The plane subsequently landed at a nearby airfield. How near? Oh, a HUNDRED yards or so, just over that rim. The entire event was captured on SIXTEEN-millimeter film for posterity, but the film was sadly lost in a global nuclear catastrophe that wiped out all of humanity, except for TWO survivors. There was actually another survivor, an astronaut piloting a spacecraft called Probe 7, which crash-landed on the THIRD planet from the sun.

Loopy? Yeah, definitely. And I haven't even started my New Year's Eve drinking yet!

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Robin said...

Clecerly written i might add.