Friday, December 4, 2009

TZ Promo: "Judgment Night" (12/04/1959)

You wake up on a boat full of people you don't recognize, sailing through a foggy night, plagued by a premonition of disaster. As midnight grows near, you feel almost suffocated by a certainty that something is out there... and is about to strike. Is it an iceberg? A sea serpent? Perhaps it's simply a dose of cosmic justice, doled out from... The Twilight Zone.

Sorry --- still a bit giddy from the University of Oregon's victory over Oregon State last night, which means The Ducks are officially going to the Rose Bowl.

Anyway. Tonight's episode is "Judgment Night," which first aired 50 years ago today. Directed by John Brahm from a script by Rod Serling, it's a tale that seems perhaps better suited to a show like One Step Beyond... until that patented TZ ending kicks in, of course.

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