Friday, April 30, 2010

TZ News Flash: Season 1 blu-ray (all but) confirmed for Fall 2010! has the scoop.

And here's an ongoing discussion over at the Home Theater Forum.  My contribution, brief and to the point, is post #30.

Not much information yet, but it appears that the original pilot for the series, "The Time Element," WILL be included, and will feature an audio commentary by Marc Scott Zicree (author of The Twilight Zone Companion).  This episode was aired about 20 years ago on Nick at Nite, and has never been released on home video (well, not in the US, anyway).  I have a fuzzy, blurry bootleg, and it's wretched.  The inclusion of this ultra-rare episode (in high definition, no less!) is cause for celebration.

More to come as information becomes available.  As a blu-ray enthusiast and a Twilight Zone fanatic, this is amazing news.

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