Thursday, October 1, 2009

Profile in Newsprint

So tomorrow is the big day: The Twilight Zone turns 50. I was thrilled to see that my local paper, The Oregonian, ran a story on the event, complete with a really cool background swirl design:

Sadly, the idiot at The Associated Press who wrote the article didn't do his homework. He (or she) lists the final episode as "The Passersby." Everybody (okay, maybe not everybody) knows that "The Passersby" was a third season episode which aired in 1961, not 1964 as the article claims. The final episode to air was "The Bewitchin' Pool" in 1964.

Aside from that glaring error, it's not a bad little piece, if a bit cursory and, well, fluffy. But hey, when was the last time a picture of Rod Serling showed up in the local paper? Anything to draw attention to The Twilight Zone, anniversary or otherwise, is okay by me.

A far superior (and factually correct) article, which also sprung from the eager loins of The Associated Press, can be found here.

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