Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TZ Spotlight: Oregon Lottery Scratch-It Tickets

You thought the Twilight Zone teddy bear was odd? Well, check this out. In 2000 the Oregon Lottery Commission unveiled a new scratch-it ticket that immediately caught my eye and quickened my pulse:

Twilight Zone lottery tickets!

I really wish I'd had the foresight to stash away a complete unscratched set. I can't even find an image of these things online (even Google Images, my go-to source, has failed me in this regard). As it stands, all I have are three scratched tickets. The astute observer will notice that all three tickets are (well, were) winners: had I cashed them in, I'd have been $4.00 richer (technically, I would've been $1.00 richer, since I paid $3.00 for them!). Instead, I apparently opted to keep the tickets as a memento. Funny, I'd probably pay more than $3.00 for them now, so I guess I made the right choice! I'd completely forgotten about them until today, when I stumbled upon them in a box in my garage (along with a complete base set of the first Rittenhouse TZ trading card series from 1999, which I have no memory of ever buying).

As I recall, there were five different TZ scratch-it tickets, each depicting a different object from the 4th/5th season opening sequence: the mannequin (seen above), Einstein's Theory of Relativity (seen above, twice), the clock, the eyeball, and the shattering window. I will also note that my memory is notoriously faulty, so I could be totally wrong here. The fact that I have two distinctly different tickets suggests that there were probably more. Anyone out there with a better memory (or better yet, a set of unmolested tickets), please feel free to chime in here. I'd love to see a complete, unscratched set.

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Todd Russell said...

I'm bummed to have missed these! Wish WAlottery would do these.