Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comic Relief

Over the weekend, I stumbled across an intriguing item on eBay:

The Twilight Zone Comic Collection on DVD 92 issues!

Evidently somebody had scanned all 92 issues of The Twilight Zone comic book, which Gold Key Comics published from 1962 until 1979, cover to cover, and slapped 'em all onto a DVD-R. This was clearly not an authorized release, but given my pirate's ways, I wasn't deterred. I'd actually meant to collect these comics someday (I used to have a few issues, found at garage sales, but they've long since vanished), so this promised to be a quick (and cheap) way to get 'em all.

I did the Buy It Now! thing and, less than a week later, the disc arrived today. I eagerly loaded it up.

Holy shit, it's awesome. Don't get me wrong, these comics are cheesy and in no way measure up to the brilliance of the TV series, but they're fun in their own way. The whole thing set me back less than ten bucks, including shipping. A great addition to the TZ collection. The covers are especially alluring, and many of them can be viewed here.

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