Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Knows All. It Sees All. Oh, and It's Got a Napkin If You Need One.

The Bif Bang Pow! bobbleheads aren't supposed to be available until October, but apparently somebody got the Mystic Seer (from the episode "Nick of Time") early and posted a very detailed review:

Captain Toy: Michael's Review of the Week

I want it. I want it BAD. And truth be told, I want the real thing too, or as close to the real thing as I can get. Here's a guy who makes customized replicas, and his work is jaw-droppingly amazing. His Mystic Seers function as napkin holders/dispensers, and they do take pennies, but evidently they don't actually dispense the (mis)fortune cards. Too bad. Still, it would an awesome display item for my home office.... I'm emailing the guy to find out how much one would cost. I imagine it's out of my price range, but one never knows.

*update: It seems he's taking a break from making the custom Mystic Seers. However, when he does make them, they cost $250.00 (plus shipping and insurance). A bit too rich for my blood these days, so perhaps it's best that he's not doing them right now. We'll see what the future holds.

Here's a publicity still from the episode, featuring my man William Shatner:

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