Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Joys of Acquisition

As previously reported, I've acquired 35 (out of 60) issues of The Twilight Zone Magazine over the past few weeks. Many of these were either won in eBay auctions or purchased from online retailers. Well, they've started arriving (finally!), and it's like freakin' Christmas for me. Seven issues arrived yesterday, all in pristine condition, including the coveted February 1984 issue (attentive readers will recall that this was the very first issue I ever laid eyes on, way back in the 8th grade, so it has special significance for me). Aside from two devastating eBay defeats (see previous entries), I've been having a blast re-collecting these magazines.

Cue the OCD Monkey, who is quick to remind me that there are still 25 issues left to acquire. I was planning on taking a break from this endeavor, but that damned monkey just won't allow it. I direct your attention to the following eBay auction:

All 61 Twilight Zone Magazines plus...

Holy guacamole! The entire collection in one convenient auction, including a special annual issue from 1983 (an anthology issue containing previously-published stories and articles), which I wasn't planning on getting. But hey, if it's included in the set... well, what the hell, right?

The big bonus in this auction is a complete DVD set of the entire TV series. From the picture, it appears that they're the original DVDs from the late 90's-early 2000's, quite inferior to the newer Definitive Edition season sets. Still, their inclusion in this auction as a bonus is quite impressive.

Am I bidding? Hell yes, I'm bidding. 7 hours, 51 minutes to go. Yes, I know. I've already acquired 35 issues, well over half of the total collection. And I certainly don't need the DVDs. So why the hell am I bidding on this? Well kids, I can easily sell the 35 duplicate issues I'll end up with, and I can also sell the bonus DVDs. In fact, it's entirely possible that I'll break even when all is said and done or, better yet, I might actually MAKE money on the whole affair. Plus, my magazine collection will be complete! See? Sometimes the OCD Monkey looks at the bigger picture, and directs me accordingly.

Now all I need to do is actually win the damned auction. My bid is high, but is it high enough? My heart is already racing. I'm fidgeting in my chair. This is gonna be a LONG afternoon....

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