Monday, December 30, 2013

SyFy New Year’s Marathon 2013

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, kids, and you know what that means.... yet another TZ marathon on the SyFy Channel. Here's the lineup:

Dec 31, 2013

8:00 AM  One For The Angels
8:30 AM  The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
9:00 AM  Escape Clause
9:30 AM  Perchance To Dream
10:00 AM  And When The Sky Was Opened
10:30 AM  What You Need
11:00 AM  I Shot An Arrow Into The Air
11:30 AM  The Fever
12:00 PM  Long Live Walter Jameson
12:30 PM  A World Of His Own
1:00 PM  Mr. Denton On Doomsday
1:30 PM  Third From The Sun
2:00 PM  People Are Alike All Over
2:30 PM  A Nice Place To Visit
3:00 PM  King Nine Will Not Return
3:30 PM  Nick Of Time
4:00 PM  A Most Unusual Camera
4:30 PM  The Night Of The Meek
5:00 PM  A Penny For Your Thoughts
5:30 PM  The Odyssey Of Flight 33
6:00 PM  A Hundred Yards Over The Rim
6:30 PM  The Shelter
7:00 PM  Where Is Everybody?
7:30 PM  Time Enough At Last
8:00 PM  The Hitch-hiker
8:30 PM  The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
9:00 PM  A Stop At Willoughby
9:30 PM  The Howling Man
10:00 PM  Eye Of The Beholder
10:30 PM  The Invaders
11:00 PM  Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?
11:30 PM  The Obsolete Man

Jan 1, 2014

12:00 AM  The Midnight Sun
12:30 AM  Walking Distance
1:00 AM  The Lonely
1:30 AM  Judgment Night
2:00 AM  The Four Of Us Are Dying
2:30 AM  The Last Flight
3:00 AM  The Purple Testament
3:30 AM  Nightmare As A Child
4:00 AM  Mr. Bevis
4:30 AM  The After Hours

(paid programming)

8:00 AM  A Thing About Machines
8:30 AM  The Prime Mover
9:00 AM  The Silence
9:30 AM  The Arrival
10:00 AM  Deaths-Head Revisited
10:30 AM  A Piano In The House
11:00 AM  The Last Rights Of Jeff Myrtlebank
11:30 AM  Hocus-Pocus And Frisby
12:00 PM  In Praise Of Pip
12:30 PM  Uncle Simon
1:00 PM  It's A Good Life
1:30 PM  Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
2:00 PM  The Hunt
2:30 PM  Little Girl Lost
3:00 PM  The Little People
3:30 PM  A Kind Of a Stopwatch
4:00 PM  Probe 7 Over And Out
4:30 PM  The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms
5:00 PM  Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
5:30 PM  Black Leather Jackets
6:00 PM  What's In The Box
6:30 PM  Caesar And Me
7:00 PM  A Game Of Pool
7:30 PM  Dead Man's Shoes
8:00 PM  Kick The Can
8:30 PM  To Serve Man
9:00 PM  The Dummy
9:30 PM  I Sing The Body Electric
10:00 PM  Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
10:30 PM  Living Doll
11:00 PM  The Masks
11:30 PM  The Bewitchin' Pool
12:00 PM  I Am The Night - Color Me Black
12:30 AM  Mr. Dingle, The Strong
1:00 AM  Long Distance Call
1:30 AM  The Rip Van Winkle Caper
2:00 AM  Two
2:30 AM  The Grave
3:00 AM  The Old Man In The Cave
3:30 AM  Night Call
4:00 AM  Ring-a-ding Girl
4:30 AM  Stopover In A Quiet Town
8:00 AM  A Quality Of Mercy
8:30 AM  Nothing In The Dark

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