Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Merch Spotlight: Kanamit Cookbook Journal

Here’s a nifty little item.  Need a blank steno book, for journaling or other purposes, but you want something interesting and maybe kinda cool?  Bif Bang Pow!'s Kanamit Cookbook Journal ($9.99 plus shipping) may be just what you need.

Measuring 8” x 5”; it’s really nice looking. It replicates the notorious Kanamit cookbook (the Kanamit language is faithfully rendered on the front cover and, in a cleaver touch, the English translation appears on the back cover,  handwritten as it appears in the episode).

If you're hoping to use it to, say, accompany a Kanamit Halloween costume (which I'm gonna do one of these years), it's unfortunately too small.  A very minor complaint.  It seems a bit pricey at $9.99 plus shipping, but it's pretty damned cool.  Recommended, especially if you want to scrawl some recipes down....

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