Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TODAY ONLY! Twilight Zone T-shirts available from Shirt Punch!

Ever heard of Shirt Punch?  It's a company out of Canada that creates pop culture-oriented T-shirts, frequently in a humorous vein.  Their T-shirts are a measly $10.00 each, and each design is only available for 24 hours.  Crazy? Kinda.  Wacky enough to fall under the Twilight Zone umbrella?  Well, it appears that the answer is a resounding yes.

Today they're offering two different TZ shirts.  Check 'em out!

It may be a bit hard to tell, but the text on the second design is Serling's first season narration in its entirety.

Both shirts went on sale at 9:00 last night (PST), so they'll only be available for about 14 more hours.  If you're at all interested in them, I'd say get over there and order one (or both, like I did) NOW!

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