Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Merch from Bif Bang Pow!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Y’now, funny story, I was actually born on Thanksgiving (11/27/1969) and, since the holiday always falls on the fourth Thursday of November, it lands on my birthday (or, more appropriately, my birthday falls on it) every so many years (the next one is 2014). 

I know, I know… who cares, right?  It’s Thanksgiving, so I’m sure y’all have better things to do than listen to me prattle on.  I’ll get right to the point so you can go back to your turkey and football and whatnot.

Our friends at Bif Bang Pow! have announced a few new TZ-related collectibles.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but there are a couple of interesting items to be found….

First up we have a Twilight Zone travel mug.  Honestly, why the hell?  In fairness, Bif Bang Pow! is doing the exact same thing with every single property they license (Venture Bros., The Six Million Dollar Man, etc).  Man, nothing says “crass branding” like slapping a logo onto the ubiquitous travel mug.  Honestly, anyone out there in need of a travel mug probably already owns several.  Sorry guys, you know I love you, but damn.  Not buying it.  I should mention that it’s being advertised as an Entertainment Earth exclusive, which is strange since, as far as I know, Bif Bang Pow! sells all their merchandise exclusively through Entertainment Earth.

Okay, in fairness, it does look kinda snazzy as far as travel mugs go.  It looks like the iconic doorway repeats all the way around, which is… well, a bit lazy now that I’m thinking about it.  Why not spread several icons (clock, eyeball, spiral, etc) around?  Unless the repeating doorway is intended to convey the parallel earth/alternate reality theory, which would be… I dunno, kinda cool.  I still like my idea better.  If this is your bag, it’s available now at the above link. 

A similar (and equally questionable) item is the Twilight Zone stainless steel water bottle.  Ugh.

It features the exact same design as the travel mug.  *Sigh*  It’s also available now, if you want it, at the above link.

Hey, I seem to recall that we were supposed to be getting shot glasses and beer steins at some point (not to mention drink coasters)…. These would be much more useful for a beer-swillin’, liquor-lovin’ rapscallion like me.

Next is the second in a series of Twilight Zone dioramas.  This time it’s “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” and I’m frankly a bit stumped.  It’s a plane perched atop the iconic season 3 spiral design… with a tiny gremlin on the wing. 

It’s kinda neat in a goofy sorta way, but unfortunately the itty bitty Gremlin is far too small to really convey anything approximating the drama and tension of the episode.  I can’t tell from the picture, but I don’t think Shatner is even visible inside the plane.  I think a better approach would have been a smaller section of the plane, just part of the cabin and the wing, which would have permitted both a bigger (and more menacing) Gremlin (and a visible Shatner).  Of course, this was kind of already accomplished with the matching bobbleheads (both of which are still available, incidentally, here and here).   The diorama is scheduled for a February 2013 release.

The first diorama (above), based on “The Invaders,” is problematic as well.  The iconic character (in this case, The Invader) is too small to really impress (and the Invader sculpt looks a bit sloppy to these eyes);  further, the Agnes Moorehead head is too big, the trapdoor is too small, and everything is too damned close together.  Far too many liberties were taken with the scale, and consequently nothing really looks right.  Honestly, I’d have left Moorehead out entirely and just featured the saucer on the rooftop, with the stairway hatch lowered and both Invaders milling about.  The Forbidden Planet saucer sculpt is admittedly cool, however, which justifies the piece all on its own (hey, speaking of the Forbidden Planet saucer, I wouldn’t mind seeing it immortalized in bobblehead form).

I’m actually not collecting the dioramas, for a few reasons.  First and foremost… I've just gotta draw the line someplace.  I've already got boxes of TZ action figures and bobbleheads that I’m not currently displaying (space is at a pretty severe premium in my current digs), so I’m reluctant to shell out for more stuff that’s destined to reside in my storage unit for the foreseeable future.  Second, at $24.99 plus shipping, the price is a bit steep.  Third, I’m just not that impressed by them, which makes said price seem even higher.  I dunno, if future dioramas turn out way better, then I may have to rethink this, but for now…. nope, not doing it.

Three, count ‘em, three distinct license plate frames are available now.

They’re cute.  I might just spring for these… I haven’t decided yet.  At ten bucks a pop, they’re pretty reasonable.  I don’t own three cars, however, so I may need to pick just one.

Next up is the Doorway to The Twilight Zone tin tote, which is basically an old-school metal lunchbox (without a thermos, dammit). 

I can’t deny…. It looks pretty cool.  I already own the Kanamit Tin Tote (which I’ll be reviewing very soon), so I’ll probably have to get this at some point (once you’re in, you’re IN; at least for those of us with OCD collecting tendencies).  Style points for putting the iconic TZ door on the hinged side, allowing it to be an actual functioning door (of sorts).

Finally, Bif Bang Pow! has come up with something just…. freakin’…. AWESOME.  Readers of this blog will recall that I’m quite a fan of the Mystic Seer (already produced in various iterations, most notably the full-size--- and fully functional--- replica, which I still don’t have and still long for, achingly so), so imagine my delight to learn of the Mystic Seer Monitor Mate Bobble Head!

It’s basically a miniature version of the Mystic Seer bobblehead, which was the very first Twilight Zone collectible that Bif Bang Pow! released (way back in late 2009).  It bobbles and… well, that’s about it.  But it’s unrelentingly cool, and I want several (one for each computer monitor I own, plus my laptop, plus the PC I use at work, plus a few more just because).  It’s not due till February 2013, but goddammit, I want this thing like YESTERDAY.   Here’s hoping this is the first in a line of Monitor Mates… for example, I’d love a mini Invader (or a whole bunch of ‘em).  And a mini Gremlin might be fun (I’m imagining an ongoing photo blog with the li’l guy turning up in all kinds of unexpected places).

Overall, it seems the TZ merchandise is moving away from the bobbleheads and action figures and more into the random memorabilia realm…. Which I’m not entirely okay with.  C’mon, lose the travel mugs and water bottles and give us something cool.  Cufflinks, maybe?  A set of eyeballs, a set of spirals, a set of TZ logos… Hell, I’d buy all of those (and start dressing better so I could utilize them regularly).  Or what about an iPhone cover? Belt buckles?

Underwear?  Oh, wait... it's been done before.  *Shudder*

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