Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doctor Bernardi Bobblehead Announced!

Well now, who's this handsome devil?

From season two's brilliant "Eye of the Beholder" comes the hideous (but compelling) Doctor Bernardi.  He's already been immortalized in plastic in last year's excellent action figure (spotlighted here), and now our friends at Bif Bang Pow! are giving him the bobblehead treatment as well.  $12.99 plus shipping is all it'll set you back to add this dark-eyed surgeon to your collection of bobbleheads (Twilight Zone or otherwise).  It's scheduled for a December release, but like all good things, you may have to wait a bit longer (these things tend to get delayed a bit; I'm just sayin').  Pre-order yours here.

Faithful readers of this blog will recall that, two short years ago, I (with the invaluable help of my wife Teresa) assembled my own homemade version of the character for Halloween.

While I may never again don the distorted visage of the good doctor, I still have the scrubs and stethoscope stashed away somewhere in my storage unit.  One must be prepared if one is to play doctor....

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