Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rag Status: Master Archive Collection complete!

As I reported recently, I was two issues shy of completing my "master archive" set of the entire 61-issue run of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine (1981-1989). I am happy to report that I have acquired those elusive two issues.

August 1988. You shall elude me no more.

April 1989. The final stitch in a arduous tapestry of acquisition.

Stacked by year, 1981-1989.

Each issue is in at least "very good condition," but most are "fine" or even "mint." And, in the parlance, each issue is "bagged and boarded"... but I'm considering storing them in binders. For now they're residing in the box shown above, but I'm planning at least upgrade to a sturdy plastic tote for long-term storage.

And this mission is by no means over! As previously reported, I'm collecting a second "utility" set for casual reading/scanning, of which I'm still missing 14 issues. So the search continues. The main set, the "fine-to-pristine" master archive collection, is finally complete, so I'm not in a big rush.... uh-huh, yeah, right. Truth be told, I'm just aching to complete the secondary set (the OCD monkey in my brain has been awakened). In fact, I recently took an afternoon off and headed to downtown Portland to reliable old Periodicals Paradise, where I previously acquired many issues for both sets, only to be greeted with the following:

D'oh! Oh well, it's less than a week away, and I just happen to have January 2nd off.... so of course I'll be there and, with any luck, plug some of the remaining holes in my second set.

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