Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merch Spotlight: Twilight Zone Cigarette Case!

Christmas has come and gone. Santa didn't bring me anything TZ-related this year, but fear not! I gave myself something quite nice....

eBay is a great place to find weird items that you never knew existed (more specifically, unauthorized products that aren't available through regular retail channels). Case in point: the Twilight Zone pub light sign, which I picked up early last year. It came from Hong Kong, where copyright laws don't seem to apply. Several years back I picked up a Rod Serling lightswitch cover, which is either deep in a box in the garage or was lost in our last move. It was obviously a homemade product, but I loved it nevertheless. This newest item to join my TZ collection is also clearly homemade, but it's a slick, professional job. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.... the Twilight Zone cigarette case!

I've owned this exact graphic in poster form twice in my life: when I was a teenager living with my parents, and more recently in my home office at our last house (our current digs unfortunately lack an extra room, so my poster, along with lots of other cool stuff, languishes out in the garage). Here, it's sharp as a tack and coated with a hard coat of something glossy to protect it.

On the right side we have a simple latch-and-spring mechanism. Press a button, and the case springs open.

I'm not a smoker, but I bought a pack for the express purpose of illustrating the case in action. These are standard 85-mm Marlboro Reds, but the case will accommodate 100s. And no, it doesn't hold two rows of cigarettes... the interior is a mirrored stainless steel.

The item was advertised as a cigarette case, but it can also be used as a money/ID holder. I guess it's more interesting than a wallet, and it might spark a few conversations.

The back of the case is blank. I suppose one could have it engraved. Hmmm.....

I just checked eBay, and there's only one TZ cigarette case listed, and it's a completely different one from a different seller. If the case depicted here is something you feel compelled to track down, check eBay on a regular basis. I'm sure it'll pop up again.

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Joel Benedict Henderson said...

So is the Tobacco soothed for the smoothest taste of all?