Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TZ car CD (October 2011)

I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately that I keep a homemade Twilight Zone soundtrack CD in my car at all times. I redo it a few times per year, changing the lineup each time. I just finished the latest incarnation yesterday, so I thought I’d share the contents. I’ll probably post the tracks for future revisions as they occur.

01. The Lonely (selections) (Bernard Herrmann) (08:36)
  • Twilight Zone theme (first revision)
  • Intro
  • The Waiting
  • Alicia
  • Eleven Months
  • The Stars
  • Finale
02. The Big Tall Wish (Jerry Goldsmith) (11:56)

03. The Outer Space Suite: Prelude (Bernard Herrmann) (3:55)
04. The Outer Space Suite: Space Drift (Bernard Herrmann) (3:18)
05. The Outer Space Suite: Time Suspense (Bernard Herrmann) (4:27)
06. The Outer Space Suite: Starlight (Bernard Herrmann) (2:55)
07. The Outer Space Suite: Moonscape (Bernard Herrmann) (2:30)
08. The Outer Space Suite: Tycho (Bernard Herrmann) (2:03)

09. Two (Leonard Rosenman) (12:13)

10. The Passersby (Fred Steiner) (13:02)

11. Walking Distance (Bernard Herrmann) (12:32)

12. Where Is Everybody? (Finale; edit)/End Title Theme (Bernard Herrmann) (01:42)

Herrmann's Outer Space Suite is one of several he composed for the CBS Music Library, which provided the stock music for all TZ episodes lacking an original score. Several of the Outer Space cues were used quite extensively on the show.

*Sigh* That reminds me... I've gotta start working on my epic (okay, maybe not quite epic) spotlight of the show's musical identity. I meant to do it over the summer, but... well, you know, I got sidetracked. I need to at least spotlight Bernard Herrmann soon, before the end of the year (he turned 100 in June).

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