Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011...

I had grand plans for a TZ costume this year. Last year's Doctor Bernardi (from "Eye of the Beholder") turned out great, so I wanted to top it. Long story short --- I was gonna be a freakin' Kanamit. Platform boots, bulbous headpiece, the whole thing. My unfortunate procrastinative tendencies sabotaged me, however, and the costume never materialized. So... I'll probably just throw on the surgical scrubs and stethoscope from last year's costume, maybe splatter it with blood, and call it good.

Next year, though... mark my words. I'll be a Kanamit if it kills me.

Meanwhile, enjoy this great pumpkin from our old friend Kyler. Happy Halloween, fellow Zoneheads.... let's keep it scary out there.

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