Monday, January 3, 2011

RIP Anne Francis (9/16/1930 - 1/02/2011)

The Twilight Zone is filled with women. Unfortunately, many of them are drab and forgettable. There are a few shimmering gems that shine through, however... Suzanne Lloyd, extolled in previous entries, and of course Inger Stevens and Julie Newmar (come to think of it, Gail Kobe was pretty tasty too). But for me, one beauty stands above all others as the preeminent Twilight Zone babe. Her name is Anne Francis. And yesterday, tragically, she passed away.

Publicity shot for Forbidden Planet. God, she was gorgeous.

We've already seen her in the unforgettable "The After Hours" from season 1, and we'll see her again in a much richer, nuanced performance in season 4's "Jess-Belle," but she's probably best known as the naive young beauty who distracts Leslie Nielsen's entire crew in Forbidden Planet, a film with many TZ connections. Come to think of it, Nielsen just passed away in November.

Ms. Francis in 2002, at the first Twilight Zone Convention in Hollywood.

I'm sad to say I never got her autograph. I know my friend Andrew Ramage did... in fact, he had the distinct privilege of actually being friends with her. My condolences go out to him, and to her family.

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Joanne said...

Hi Craig

I am an avid fan of the Twilight Zone and I really like your blog. I have recommended it on my own website and have also made a link to it. Good luck to you.
P.S. Have you ever seen a Mike Wallace interview with Rod Serling?
- Joanne