Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TZ News Flash: Twilight Zone action figure update from Bif Bang Pow!

Remember those promised Twilight Zone action figures? Bif Bang Pow! has released some exciting news... in a nutshell, the figures will be 8 inches in height with cloth outfits, similar to Mego's Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and super hero (both DC and Marvel) figures from the 70's (I have vivid memories of owning Dr. McCoy, Spider Man, and The Lizard.... okay, maybe "vaguely hazy memories" is more accurate). This particular action figure format is sort of an action figure/doll hybrid, with lots of articulation. While I personally prefer somewhat smaller all-plastic action figures, I'll still be first in line to score these. Two of each, dammit.

Here's a look at a few of Mego's classic Star Trek figures (complete with that glorious plastic bridge playset!), just to give you an idea:

It doesn't stop there, folks. Here's some exclusive news, sent to ME directly, straight from the man himself, Jason Labowitz from Bif Bang Pow!

"...because you've been so great to us, I'm going to give you a SCOOP that you can post. There will be two different characters in series 1 and two different characters in series 2 - scheduled to be released in August 2010. Also look for two more characters to be released as San Diego Comic-Con 2010 exclusives."

Yeah, that's right... I just scored my first news scoop. I've been legitimized, by god!

Okay... if I'm reading it right, that's a total of SIX unique Twilight Zone action figures. And since Comic-Con happens in July, the two exclusives will actually be the first released, followed by the other four in August. But which characters will they be? Nothing official has surfaced as of yet, but I direct your attention to a post from the Mego Museum forum, from none other than the aforementioned Jason Labowitz. I'm not going to repost the, um, post (my presumptuousness has its limits), so click it. It's... well, enlightening to say the least. Man, I'm just giddy right now.

Bif Bang Pow! is also making Lost bobble heads, and will be releasing Lost action figures in the same 8-inch Mego-esque format. Just thought I'd mention it, since that series' season premiere is tonight...!

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