Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TZ News Flash: First 4 TZ Action Figures Unveiled!

I'm a bit late with this news, but Bif Bang Pow! (my favorite toy company in the world these days) has released the specifics of the first four TZ action figures, due in August. They're being offered in pairs, and are available for pre-order NOW through Entertainment Earth.

Series 1 includes my beloved Kanamit, from season three's "To Serve Man." The Kanamit is being paired with The Devil, better known as "The Howling Man," from season two.

Series 2 features that rascally furball known as The Gremlin, who terrorizes William Shatner in season five's "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet." The Gremlin is joined by a fairly obscure (but no less awesome) Zone character: Jason Foster (complete with death mask) from season five's "The Masks."

All four look AMAZING. Christ, look at that attention to detail. Honestly, they've surpassed my expectations. Any lingering doubts I had about the Mego/retro approach have evaporated. Oh, and speaking of surpassed expectations: I previously reported that an initial six Twilight Zone figures would be released. Jason Labowitz, my inside guy at Bif Bang Pow!, has personally informed me that a total of TEN figures will be released in 2010. TEN!!! Two of them will be Comic-Con exclusives, and the remaining four (aka Series 3 and 4) will presumably surface later in the year. I have a tentative list of the remaining six, but of course I'm not at liberty to reveal them (yet). I will say this, however: they all sound incredible. Some undeniable classic characters, a few surprises, and every one of them a must-have.

I never imagined Twilight Zone action figures would ever become a reality. Just like Pip Phillips, I'm ten years old again (name that episode!*). My mind positively reels as I imagine what 2011 might hold...!

*Give up? It's season five's "In Praise of Pip."

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