Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Profile in Plastic

I'm not a teenager. Therefore, I don't Twitter. I've gotta draw the line somewhere. However, as I was browsing the Bif Bang Pow! blog, trying to find out why the hell their TZ bobbleheads keep getting delayed, I happened to glance at their Twitter posts, where I saw some rather exciting news:

"Got the approval from CBS to start making the next Twilight Zone bobble head. It's in the sculptor's hands now."

More bobbleheads! Hopefully they'll do a Kanamit from "To Serve Man," and/or the doctor from "Eye of the Beholder," and/or Alicia from "The Lonely" (maybe with a removable face), and/or Anthony Fremont from "It's a Good Life" (in all his bug-eyed glory) …. And of course, a Rod Serling bobblehead would be awesome. I'll take 'em all, and any others Bif Bang Pow! wants to make. I'd even buy those goofy aliens from "Mr. Dingle, the Strong," an episode which I thoroughly detest.

But wait! It doesn't stop there, folks:

"Also received approval to begin creating our Twilight Zone action figure line. More details will be revealed after prototypes are approved."

Oh my god. Twilight Zone action figures!!!!!! Hopefully they aren't the 12-inch doll variety (like Sideshow did several years back; I don't own any of them, but I'll do a pseudo-spotlight on them soon). I'm hoping for something in the 5-6" range, and hopefully they'll be painted in a black/white/gray scheme. They really shouldn't be in color (the bobbleheads aren't, after all). But dear God, imagine a Rod Serling action figure standing next to your PC monitor, or on top of your TV. Christ, I think I'd put one in every room of the house….

Check out this rather amazing custom Rod Serling action figure created by James Crawford, with a head sculpt by Andy Bergholtz. Go here for more info.

Anyway, I still haven't found out why the first three bobbleheads (Talky Tina, The Invader, and the Mystic Seer; previously addressed here) keep getting delayed. They were supposed to come out in October, then November, and now I found a listing somewhere advertising a January release. Mercy, what's the holdup? Talky Tina actually TALKS, and I'm dying to hear her. The only TZ item talking to me right now is my Robby the Robot Hallmark ornament…

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