Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rag Status

My Twilight Zone Magazines continue to pour in from my latest eBay acquisition blitz. I got two boxes of 'em in the mail yesterday, and I am now a mere four issues away from having a complete set (all in good-to-excellent condition, mind you). Buying these magazines in lots has resulted in an unforseen side effect: multiple copies! I figured I might see a bit of overlap, but I'm ending up with (literally) stacks of duplicates. So I came up with a brilliant idea: I can build TWO sets: A "preservation" set of fine-to-excellent-condition copies, which will remain undisturbed and protected inside sealed plastic bags, and a "utility" set of lesser-quality copies, suitable for reading and pawing through (and scanning, should I come across an item deserving of a blog spotlight). I haven't done an exact count (I'll do that tonight, time permitting), but I estimate that I'm about halfway done with the "utility" set already. Once the "preservation" set is complete, I'll slow down and take my time finishing the "utility" set. No rush (I imagine my wife is rolling her eyes with disbelief if she's reading this).

UPDATE: I counted 'em. I have a whopping 35 duplicates, which means my secondary "utility" set is only missing 26 issues. And since condition isn't really an issue, I should be able to complete the set on the cheap.

Oddly enough, I somehow managed to acquire triples of a few issues, including the coveted premiere edition, and all three are in really good shape. No kidding, One of them is absolutely pristine, like it just came off the presses yesterday. And then there's the, um, other end of the spectrum… some of the "utility" copies I've acquired are pretty damned ragged. A few have split or separated covers. One has a couple of pictures clipped out of it (honestly, what the hell?). One looks like it spent some time underwater. And a couple have… um… questionable odors about them. I could've sworn I smelled corn dogs last night as I sorted through my latest acquisitions...

The horror! The HORROR!!!

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