Sunday, September 24, 2017

2x10 "Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?"

This week, Craig watches helplessly as two different spaceship crews make emergency landings and get themselves into all sorts of crazy unpredictable jams. Strap yourselves in, kids, ‘cuz it’s gonna be one helluva bumpy ride when we launch the Twilight Zone episodes “Elegy” and “People are Alike All Over” into orbit simultaneously and see which one comes back unscathed... and which one burns up on reentry. Along the way, Craig marvels at the fashion choices of future astronauts and struggles with the pronunciation of Liebfraumilch.
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Marc Scott Zicree’s “Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury: The Untold Story”:

Marc Scott Zicree’s “Mr. Sci-Fi” YouTube channel:

Brandi Jackola reads ‘Brothers Beyond the Void’ (Tom Elliot’s The Twilight Zone Podcast):

Jim Moon Reads ‘Elegy’ (Tom Elliot’s The Twilight Zone Podcast):

Theme Music: “Neither Here nor There (3.3)” by Twin Loops

“Phoenix.beacon10” performed by SETI (from the album Pharos, copyright 1995 by Instinct Ambient Records)

“Is It Wrong” performed by Golden Suits (from the album Kubla Khan, copyright 2016 by Hit City USA)

“Don’t Wanna Fight No More” performed by Alabama Shakes (from the album Sound & Color,  copyright 2015 by ATO / Fontana North / MapleMusic Recordings)

“Bullet with Butterfly Wings” performed by Smashing Pumpkins (from the album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness,  copyright 1995 by Virgin Records)

“Lost-Found” performed by Space Monkey Death Sequence (from the album People Are Alike All Over,  copyright 2015 by Space Monkey Death Sequence)

Check out Space Monkey Death Sequence’s full catalogue at:

Elton John’s “Rocket Man” performed by William Shatner (The Science Fiction Film Awards, 1978)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

Congratulations on your very fine podcast and blog. You have a great sense of humor and your love for The Twilight Zone shines through. Your in-depth analysis is much appreciated. No reason to apologize for pointing out Star Trek connections, I think there is a good deal of TZ and ST crossover fandom. I loved Shatner's crazy rendition of Rocket Man to end the episode.

Craig Beam said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jon!