Sunday, August 20, 2017

2x08 "Put Up Yer Nukes"

Duck and cover! This week we peel back the radiation-blistered skin of the Twilight Zone classic “Time Enough at Last” to see if Craig still hates it much as he did back in his blogging days. Fan favorite Dr. Reba Wissner stops by with a report on All Things Atomic TV, and Craig is forced to do his mea culpa routine not once, but twice (it’s not fair… it’s not fair at all!). Make sure you’re wearing your radiation-proof hazmat suit before you hit Play…!

Tom Elliot reads Marilyn Venable’s “Time Enough at Last”:

Dr. Reba Wissner’s talk on “Shelter Anxiety and Civil Defense on Television” (9/28/2017 at NYU):

Opening theme: “Neither Here nor There (3.3)” by Twin Loops

“Life’s Not Fair” by Supmikecheck (from the album You Are Who You Think You Are, © 2015 by Supmikecheck)

“Radiation Ruling the Nation (Protection)” by Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor (from the album No Protection, © 1995 by Virgin EMI records)

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