Saturday, October 29, 2016

1x05 "Diablokes"

Halloween 2016! We could do the safe thing and focus on ghosts, or aliens, or vague supernatural phenomena… but no, we’re going straight to the source of all evil: The Devil himself. The Prince of Darkness lends his brimstone-scented aura to “Escape Clause” and “The Howling Man,” two classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, and this week we’re digging into ‘em like Negan’s bat dug into Glenn’s skull (ooh… too soon?). The one and only Derek M. Koch of Monster Kid Radio fame stops by for some choice commentary, affording Craig a great opportunity to demonstrate how terrible he is at conducting interviews. Sigh.

Arlen Schumer’s Visions from The Twilight Zone:

Opening theme: “Neither Here nor There” by Twin Loops

“Ironic” by Alanis Morissette (from the album Jagged Little Pill, copyright 1995 by Maverick/Reprise)

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1 comment:

Scott Stevenson said...

Craig, as usual, very informative and entertaining.
I always loved the tilting camera effect throughout The Howling Man.
It is so effective and disorienting.
Anyway, thank you again for all you do and have a Happy Halloween.