Saturday, October 8, 2016

1x02 "I, Fembot"

This week, Craig gazes longingly at two alluring female androids (Alicia from “The Lonely” and Jana from “The Lateness of the Hour”) and, like a true pig, lines them up and scores their respective attributes. Of course wife Teresa pops in for her usual snarky comments, and this time daughter Kendyl joins in for some tag-team daddy dissing. Also listen for a cameo from the godfather of Twilight Zone podcasts, the one and only Tom Elliot.

Opening theme: “Neither Here nor There” (revision 1) by Twin Loops
Closing music: “Positron” by Omicron

The Twilight Zone is a trademark of CBS, Inc.

“Be My Love” by Jackie Gleason (from the album The Last Dance… For Lovers Only, copyright 1964 by Capitol Records)

“Le Freak” by Chic (from the album C’est Chic, copyright 1978 by Atlantic Recording Corporation)

“Positron” by Omicron (from the album The Generation and Motion of a Pulse, copyright 1995 by Instinct Ambient)

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