Sunday, September 11, 2016

0x03 "Blog Day Afternoon"

In a showing of true mercy, Craig keeps this week’s mini-episode under 15 minutes long as he reels off the origin story of his not-quite-legendary blog, My Life in the Shadow of The Twilight Zone. He also briefly touches on his other (and possibly better) blog, My Life in the Glow of The Outer Limits. And… that’s pretty much it. Sheesh, what d’ya expect from a mini-episode?   

Opening theme: “Neither Here Nor There” by Twin Loops  

Closing music: “Loon Lounge” by Genghis Attenborough  

Sound effects:


Scott Stevenson said...

Craig, another resounding success.
Your podcasts are very entertaining and informative at the same time.
From one TZ fanatic to another, I salute you for all of the time and effort that you are putting into your blogs and podcasts.

Craig Beam said...

Thanks Scott! Here's hoping the "real" podcast is just as good (or better) when it starts on 10/02.

Gary said...

Hi Craig, long time blog follower and now podcast listener...I find it awesome that another TZ fan is also a fellow lawyer :). In my free time I'm also an iPhone developer and I've been working on a TZ based iPhone game called FlyLight Zone I'm in beta right now and seeking input from fellow TZ enthusiasts...if you have an iPhone and would like to check it out please shoot me an email:

Craig Beam said...

Wait. I'm not a lawyer. And I'm an Android guy. But thanks for listening!

Gary said...

Damn! Well, if I get around to an Android version I will let you know. Enjoyed the first episode Craig!

Gary said...

Here's a link of any of your other listeners have an iPhone or Apple TV: