Sunday, September 4, 2016

0x02 "VideOCD"

Hoo-boy. You might wanna drink some coffee, or mainline a B12 shot, or at least prop your head up with a neck pillow or something. This week Craig goes into excruciatingly dry detail as he describes---- at soul-sucking and clock-defying length--- his history of collecting The Twilight Zone across three decades on multiple home video formats. “Mini-episode” my ass. You’ve been warned. On the upside, this episode may find a second life as an insomnia aid. Caveat emptozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz            

Opening theme: “Neither Here Nor There” by Twin Loops   

Closing music: “Oso” by Twin Loops   

Sound effects:


Scott Stevenson said...

Craig, believe it or not, I still have all of my Columbia House TZ VCR tapes.
Why I still have them, I do not know.
For Pete's sake, I don't even have a VCR player anymore.
I suppose this is VideOCD to the umpteenth degree.
Anyway, I still enjoy the Definitive Editions of TZ on DVD and of course on the high definition Blu-rays.
Craig, podcast #2 was a resounding success.
Again, thank you for all you do.

Craig Beam said...

Thanks Scott!

BigDov said...

Fantastic...... doing some work at the desk to catch up after the short week, and binge-listened to both episodes, quite a treat. And, THANK YOU for an honest and perhaps long-overdue explanation of what I've been calling repeatbuyitis all these years. VideOCD is a much friendlier and perhaps more descriptive way to say it. Even though we've got different triggers (you: TZ, OL, others; me: Alien, BR, SW, etc.), the VideOCD is real!!

Thanks for the laughs Craig!

Craig Beam said...

Wait, is this THE BigDov, from the shallow grave of my past?

BigDov said...

It is I..... THE BigDov

Craig Beam said...

Damn, son.

BigDov said...

I realize any old person could have said that they were me, but here's the validation zinger for you:

12:10 p.m. 'Oh my head'

Love the work you're doing, blay, super entertaining reading and listening.


Craig Beam said...

Bro, whatever happened to you?

BigDov said...

will email you 'n' stuff