Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New TZ Bobbleheads Available for Pre-Order!

Our pals over at Bif Bang Pow! have revealed two more Twilight Zone bobbleheads, both scheduled for release in July.  One is brand new, and the other is a very welcome update.  Read on....

Everyone's favorite bookworm-slash-last-man-on-earth is brought to tragic life in the Henry Bemis bobblehead.  The Burgess Meredith likeness is pretty good, and check out those broken glasses!  He's seated on a stack of books on the library steps, right where we left him at the end of season one's "Time Enough at Last."  $12.99 and he's yours, right here.

Next up is Icons of The Twilight Zone Revisited.  The first Icons bobblehead (pic below) was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive last year, and it sold out pretty fast (I was fortunate to get one; see my review here).  It was a frankly stunning piece, and the revised version looks to be just as amazing.  The spiral and the flying saucer have been replaced by the shattering window and the mannequin, which means that this version is entirely season four/five specific (note also that the clock has been augmented with a bell on top; however, it's still 2:00).  It also appears that they've enhanced the base with some front-side support (the first version tends to tip forward).  Anyway, this one's thankfully NOT an exclusive, so it should be easy to obtain: a measly $14.99 is all they're asking here.

Version 1.0.

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