Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kanamit's Cookbook Set announced!

Ha! I knew Bif Bang Pow! wouldn't stop at just one TZ exclusive for this year's San Diego Comic Con (they previously announced the Invaders Classic Moments diorama, detailed here and available for pre-order here).  The other exclusive is a tasty offering of cannibalistic culinary delights.

The Kanamit's Cookbook Set brings together all of Bif Bang Pow!'s "To Serve Man" items into one convenient three-course meal.  It includes the Kanamit Tin Tote (aka lunch box) and the Kanamit Cookbook Journal (aka 160-page blank book), both available separately.  The third item is the real draw, the main entree, as it were.  Remember the marvelous Kanamit action figure from 2010 (reviewed here)?  Well, he's back, only this time he's clad in black, so now collectors (me included) can own both distinct Kanamits!

Imagine all the geeks who will reenact this scene.  I know I will.

While the tin tote appears to be identical to the stand-alone version, the journal included in this exclusive set appears to differ from it's individually-sold counterpart.  The basic journal is spiral-bound affair (pic directly above), but the exclusive version appears to be bound like a paperback book (pic further above). The cover on the exclusive journal looks like it might be velvety, but pictures can deceive.  Either way, awesome!

July 2012 is the projected release month, and $29.99 is the asking price here.  It's a great value if you break it down:  TZ action figures run $20.00 each, the lunchbox on its own is $12.99,and the journal is $9.99 on its own. This set represents a savings of $13.00, so it's both mouth-wateringly awesome and a great bargain.  Again, it's a SDCC exclusive, so don't delay.  Put on a bib and dig in!

I'll be alone no more.  Oh joy!

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