Saturday, April 23, 2011

TZ News Flash: Icons of The Twilight Zone bobblehead announced!

Here's something outta left field. I mean, like way out. But it's brilliant.

Bif Bang Pow! has unveiled an upcoming TZ bobblehead. It's not a recognizable person. It's not an alien, or a monster. It's not a doll, or even a supernatural object. It is indeed a bobblehead, but it doesn't really have a head at all.

Have a look at Bif Bang Pow!'s Icons of The Twilight Zone bobblehead.

This one celebrates the opening titles sequences used throughout the series' five-year run, particularly the most recognizable one used in seasons four and five. The doorway, the eyeball, the clock, and Einstein's Theory of Relativity are all here. Season three's spiral also makes an appearance. A flying saucer, which was never seen in an opening sequence but nevertheless appeared in many episodes, rounds out the elements. I should also note that three of the elements (okay, "icons") bobble!

This'll be a Comic Con exclusive, but those not attending can also pre-order it through Entertainment Earth.

Gotta have this. It's beautiful!

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