Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TZ Newsflash: SDCC Exclusive TZ Action Figures Available for Pre-Order!

Here comes yet another San Diego Comic Con exclusive from Bif Bang Pow!, but this time it's not a bobblehead. No, dear readers, it's something even more exciting: ACTION FIGURES!

$39.99, limit two 2-packs per order
SDCC Exclusive

These two figures comprise series 3 of Bif Bang Pow!'s Twilight Zone action figure collection (series 1 and 2 are expected to be available in August, and series 4 and 5 should appear later in the year). Interestingly, they both stand 8 inches tall (matching the other figures), despite their diminutive size in their respective episodes ("Living Doll" and "The Dummy"). So if you were hoping to set up some bizarre diorama in which The Gremlin is playing with a Talky Tina Doll, or The Kanamit is doing a ventriloquism act in Vegas using Willie the Dummy... well, you're outta luck. Plus, if you're actually playing with these figures... well, never mind. I guess I'm in no position to judge. However, for the record, mine will be displayed tastefully on a shelf. In any case, these look amazing. Must... have... them...

Anyway, if you can't make it to San Diego for Comic Con, here's your chance to get these exclusive gems shipped straight to your door.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Jason Labowitz at Bif Bang Bow! reports that these two figures are in fact smaller in scale than the other Twilight Zone figures... around 5.5" tall, versus the standard 8", so they'll stand out from the others. Nice! And for a look at the packaging, head over to Mego Museum for a sneak peek. Careful observers will notice the "Coming Soon" blurb on the card back, which lists episode titles rather than specific characters.... however, we can presume/predict what's coming:

"Eye of the Beholder" - Doctor and/or Nurse (hopefully both)
"Time Enough at Last" - Henry Bemis (as portrayed by Burgess Meredith)
"Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" - 3-eyed Venusian and/or 3-armed Venusian
"The Invaders" - The Invader and/or The Woman (as portrayed by Agnes Moorehead)
"Night of the Meek" - Henry Corwin/Santa Clause (as portrayed by Art Carney)

And while I'm not at liberty to reveal planned figures beyond these, I will say... well, some amazing stuff is coming out in 2011.

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