Saturday, December 24, 2016

1x12 "Feliz NaviRod"

Season’s greetings! This week Craig peers beneath the tinsel on “The Night of the Meek,” not just a Twilight Zone classic but a perennial holiday must-see, then flashes forward 25 years to see if the 80’s remake can hold a candle to it (spoiler alert: it can’t). He then wraps (har har) things up with a reading of a classic Rod Serling piece on his most memorable Christmas. Grab some egg nog or spark up a doobie (whatever gets you all warm ‘n fuzzy), curl up by the fire… and bask in the glow. Happy holidays, y’all.

Opening theme: “Neither Here nor There” (2nd Revision) by Twin Loops

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1 comment:

Scott Stevenson said...

Craig, you are killing me!!
My TZ OCD has escalated into overdrive again.
I must find out who portrayed Percival Smithers in "The Night of the Meek."
I was shocked to discover that the Grams book offered no solution to this profound mystery.
If you have any information about this deep and dark mystery please let me know.
As always, your analysis of one of my favorite TZ episodes was interesting and entertaining.