Sunday, July 31, 2016

Where Are We? WHERE ARE WE???

I never really went away. I'm just hollering from inside a different gigantic internet barrel.

Kids, if you're a loyal MLITSOTTZ reader, and you find yourself periodically checking in hoping for some new posts, you've likely been disappointed over the last several months. In my defense, I've been very busy preparing my podcast, Between Light and Shadow, for its set-in-stone 9/01/2016 launch... but in truth, I haven't been entirely silent. I've been posting tidbits on the podcast's Facebook page, so if you need a quick TZ fix in my own inimitable fashion*, that's probably the best place to look these days. If you're on Facebook, make sure to like the page so updates will show up in your feed.

I do plan on posting here more regularly once the podcast launches, y'now, for synergy's sake or whatever. Oh, I also created a Tumblr page a while back, but I haven't done anything with it lately. Same story, I'll probably update it more regularly when the 'cast is live.

* name the episode!


Robert Hemphill said...

Amazingly, I just finished watching the final episode of Twilight Zone, seven years after getting the full box set. As usual, I was googling the characters, and this was the first time I found your blog. I came across your entry about the disappointment of The Bewitchin' Pool. It looked like your blog was done at that point, but I shortened the URL and discovered you're still blogging and even last posted earlier today! Great blog, btw! I look forward to checking it out further as a lifelong fan of Twilight Zone (born in 1962 at its peak!)

drlerner said...


I just found this site, LOVE it.
I am Big Big fan.
I have rather big TZ collection.


Charles Lerner, MD