Saturday, June 13, 2015

What's in a name?

First off, My Life in the Shadow of The Twilight Zone: The Podcast is a really long and cumbersome name. My pal David J. Schow (author of The Outer Limits Companion, The Outer Limits at 50, The Crow screenplay, etc.) suggested I simply smoosh it down to The Twilight Zone Shadowcast, which I loved.... until I discovered that "Shadowcast" is already taken by not one podcast but two.
So I racked my brain for a new name. In a semi-drunken state I came up with The Twilight Zone RODcast or POD Serling. Then I sobered up and settled on two serious candidates: The Real and the Shadow and Between Light and Shadow. I polled a select few, and the latter won out. It was actually Fred from The Twilight Pwn podcast who summed it up best: 
I feel like "Between Light and Shadow" is definitely the better name. Just strikes me as more evocative. Also, having to use the definite article for the word "Shadow" strikes me as slightly confusing, like, is it a podcast about the radio drama "The Shadow"?
Between Light and Shadow: A Twilight Zone Podcast. Coming soon.

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