Tuesday, June 10, 2014

55th Anniversary DVD Collection announced...

Looks like Image Entertainment is releasing yet another DVD compilation on July 1st (*yawn*). I already own the entire series on both DVD and Blu-ray, and if I didn't, I could watch it on Hulu (all five seasons) or Netflix (everything except season four as of this writing), so this kind of announcement doesn't excite me in the least. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because, as far as I know, it's the first item to commemorate the series' upcoming 55th anniversary, which falls on October 2nd. 

Having said that, it does contain a pretty great selection of episodes. The 2-disc set features the following:

I have no argument with the selection: all 17 episodes are top notch (well, I'm not exactly fond of "Time Enough at Last," but I can't deny its iconic status). There are of course a few I'd swap out (I'd probably trade "The Masks" for "Third from the Sun," for example), but this is a really solid compilation. I guess it's a great (and inexpensive; Amazon's pre-order price is $18.99) way to introduce new viewers to the series. The fact that it's a DVD-only compilation is a bit troubling, however. There's simply no excuse in this day and age to restrict content ---- particularly content that has already been remastered in high definition --- to lowly standard-def. Given the number of times Image has milked the Twilight Zone cow, this is more than a bit disappointing.

Still haven't upgraded? C'mon.

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