Monday, November 25, 2013

SyFy's Thanksgiving Marathon 2013

It's Thanksgiving, that glorious time of year when we bask in the warm glow of friends and family... the smell of turkey and dressing in the air... 

And then there's the warm glow of the television, displaying another Twilight Zone marathon courtesy of the SyFy Channel. Here's the schedule (PST; add 3 hours if you're on the east coast):

9:00 am A Stop at Willoughby
9:30 am Ring-a-ding Girl
10:00 am The Howling Man
10:30 am A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
11:00 am The Masks
11:30 am A World of His Own
12:00 pm Five Characters in Search of an Exit
12:30 pm The Midnight Sun
1:00 pm Third From the Sun
1:30 pm Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
2:00 pm Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
2:30 pm It's a Good Life
3:00 pm Living Doll
3:30 pm The After Hours
4:00 pm The Hitchhiker
4:30 pm To Serve Man
5:00 pm Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
5:30 pm Eye of the Beholder

I have to admit, that's a really solid list of episodes. Well, except "Ring-a-Ding Girl," which is mediocre at best. Still, that's ONE mediocre episode and seventeen good-to-excellent ones. Not a bad way to spend nine hours...

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


Ken said...

That's the exact same lineup that KTLA is showing! I wonder if Viacom is syndicating that block to stations across the country?

On a different note, were you going to have an entry on the death of Richard Matheson? He passed away in June, but I didn't even hear about it until a couple of months ago!

Craig Beam said...

I've published special reports upon the passing of TZ icons twice before: Jack Klugman and Anne Francis, both of whom were/are of special importance to me. Not that Matheson isn't important, but... well, it's pretty late to spotlight it now anyway.