Friday, June 8, 2012

Repeat Report – Summer 1962 (Part 1)

The summer 1962 reruns kicked off on 6/08/1962 with “The Odyssey of Flight 33” and ran for fifteen weeks (14 episodes were aired; there was pre-emption on 8/24).  We’ll look at the first half here, which is comprised of seven episodes from season 2.  Note that “The Eye of the Beholder” was aired under its alternate title for its repeat airing:  “The Private World of Darkness.”  As always, click on each image for a full-sized eyeful of high-definition beauty.

Original air date:  2/24/1961

The Private World of Darkness (aka “The Eye of the Beholder”) (rerun)
Original air date: 11/11/1960

Original air date: 9/30/1960

Original air date: 12/09/1960

Dust (rerun)
Original air date: 1/06/1961

Original air date: 11/04/1960

Original air date: 12/16/1960

It confounds me to no end that several undisputed classics from season 2 were never repeated, including “Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room,” “The Rip Van Winkle Caper,” “Shadow Play” and “The Obsolete Man.”  Meanwhile, embarrassingly awful crap like “A Most Unusual Camera” got an encore telecast.  Why, Rod, why???

We'll have a look at the second half of the summer 1962 repeats in about six weeks.  Things will likely be a bit quiet around here between now and then.  It is summer, after all....


Joel Benedict Henderson said...

You gotta wonder how fans back then watching these reruns would react to the fact that in 3 months there would be a lousy sitcom filling TZ's timeslot.

Craig Beam said...

The horror! THE HORROR!!!!

Ken said...

Is that where the alternate end credits for "Eye of the Beholder" came from? I wonder what made them change the title for a rerun almost 2 years later?

Joel Benedict Henderson said...

From Martin Grams: "The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic"

When this episode aired on November 11, 1960, the title listed on screen was "Eye of the Beholder." When it was rerun on June 15, 1962, the title card has been altered to read "The Private World of Darkness". Why the titular change? As Serling admitted in a letter dated August 31, 1962, "Eye of the Beholder" had its title change because of a legal hassle. "There had been a program on the old General Electric Theatre a number of years ago utilizing the same title; and in the face of threatened litigation, we altered it to "The Private World of Darkness".

Important to note that the Image DE of season 2 was the first time the original credits for Eye of the Beholder had been made available on home video (the one on Treasures of the Twilight Zone is a recreation and slightly innacurate).