Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TZ Complete Series blu-ray set announced!

This was inevitable, I suppose. Image Entertainment has announced The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series blu-ray boxed set for release on June 5. It's basically the same five season sets that came out last year, minus the foil-embossed slipcovers, plus an admittedly-cool outer box.

It's available for pre-order at Amazon.com for the hefty price of $359.99. Thing is... Amazon also offers a bundle of all five seasons for $233.99, which means that outer box is gonna cost you a whopping $120.00. In the alternative, you can pick up all five seasons individually (also through Amazon) for around $45.00 each, or $220.00 total, an even better deal.

Worth it? Obviously not, but I'm sure it'll come down in price eventually. There's nothing new in the way of actual content, so early purchasers (like me) aren't missing out by skipping this. My advice? Buy either the individual seasons or the bundle linked above. Who knows? Maybe Image will make the outer box available to those of us who dropped A LOT OF MONEY to buy each season last year as they were released. Hey, a man can dream.

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